Monday, May 10, 2010

Allright. So in my final posts here i'm doing a few things. First i'm showing you how to export files that are then used to create binders in Adobe Acrobat reader so that when you email people your portfolio or any of your art, you can put it all together in one folder that is compact and able to be readily sent through email. Exporting as pdf's is the basic first step when you are putting your portfolio together and that is what I show you how to do in the first video. And REMEMBER: use a:2001 option when exporting as pdf's in InDesign, otherwise some people will not be able to read them! On the third video, I show you how to change files in photoshop that when you put them in to InDesign for exporting and file saving, they will automatically update if you change the originial photoshop file all with the simple click of a button. Remember to save after doing everything and the whole process should generally go pretty smoothly. So quick rundown: File Save, Update Links, Export, Combine Folder and your set!

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