Monday, May 10, 2010

Allright. So in my final posts here i'm doing a few things. First i'm showing you how to export files that are then used to create binders in Adobe Acrobat reader so that when you email people your portfolio or any of your art, you can put it all together in one folder that is compact and able to be readily sent through email. Exporting as pdf's is the basic first step when you are putting your portfolio together and that is what I show you how to do in the first video. And REMEMBER: use a:2001 option when exporting as pdf's in InDesign, otherwise some people will not be able to read them! On the third video, I show you how to change files in photoshop that when you put them in to InDesign for exporting and file saving, they will automatically update if you change the originial photoshop file all with the simple click of a button. Remember to save after doing everything and the whole process should generally go pretty smoothly. So quick rundown: File Save, Update Links, Export, Combine Folder and your set!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey there. In this first tutorial, i'm going to show you how I make a background that stands out with different layers and shadows that can be put around anything you're working on as a nice stroke outliner. Also, in the video there is a pattern overlay tool using a new adjustment fill layer that makes a pattern over your layer. There are many patterns online that you can get if you search in google for PHOTOSHOP PATTERNS.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So, I know that this game is not much for what they have done with it so far, but the idea behind it is ingenious. Imagine the possibilities of having people directed to this site and sorting through the different advertising options. It's incredible!

So I cannot wait until technologies such as this one is available for the public to use. I want a phone in my ear canal with a controller at my fingertips!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Creative Portfolio class at OU

20 hours of in-class work crammed into a three-day marathon over the weekend, where the creative concept is key and coffee is a necessity. Yes, I’m talking about the Creative Portfolio class taught by Bob Rickert. Bob is a Creative Director at an agency in Boulder, Colorado. The University of Oklahoma flies this one of a kind in two times during a sixteen week semester where you literally sit in a class Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and pump out as many ideas you can on a variety of brands from Tupperware to Lost Trail Root Beer.

The Class is structured so that you get the most out of the time you have with Bob where you jump right in with showing any of the work you have done in the past. It’s more of a round-table discussion on what constitutes your “good” and “bad” ideas. Most of them were on the latter side of what constitutes a really good ad for me, but hey, the ideas were there.

After that you are given clients to start marketing either the whole brand or specific items within that brand. You can leave the classroom if you wish and you get a few hours to just pump out idea after idea. By day three, the whole class is starting to show the signs of being cooped up in a room together, but some great things emerge out of our work. Everyone ends up with a great direction to go, and the end result should be a working portfolio that everyone is proud of.

Out of all of the classes I have taken at the University of Oklahoma, this is the one that has been most informational and creative for me. As a creative advertising student, there are not many ways in which to expand your knowledge through classes here, but this is a MUST for anyone that wishes to be a creative in the ad industry. Bob is invaluable in his knowledge, you’ll meet your peers that have similar interests as you, and when it’s all said and done, you’ll be coming out with a greater knowledge of the industry itself.

As for what this portfolio is for, I spoke with Bob about the faults of the creative program here and he said you have to shoot for something like what they are offering at the University of Virginia, BrandCenter, (which is where I’m currently applying to.) Sad as it is that there is no creative masters program here, at least there are ways for students to find an outlet in what seems to be the most underrepresented side of the advertising business at OU.

I've included that VCU BrandCenter promo video, where it speaks of the people, instructors, directors, building and program at the University. The work is great and I would love to go here.